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Tutorial: Writing Multi Threaded Application in Qt

Like most GUI frameworks, event handling in Qt by default happens on the main thread. This works well for small UI related changes, but breaks when we have to perform more work. In this tutorial we'll write an image converter application that uses background worker thread to perform CPU intensive operation while keeping the GUI responsive. We'll also discuss processEvents and its advantages and disadvantages comapred with background thread. A Single Threaded Image Converter Our simple image converter will allow the user to select image files

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A Simple CMake + Qt Widgets Starter Template

Starting a new Qt project in Qt creator is a breeze thanks to its built-in templates. But, what about those times you prefer working from terminal or vim? Here's my starter template for QtWidgets + CMake. Feel free to use and expand for your own needs. tl;dr My CMake + Qt Widgets starter template on Github: https://github.com/ynonp/qt-widgets-template Or as a zip file: https://github.com/ynonp/qt-widgets-template/archive/master.zip Building Instructions To build the template you'll need to have Qt installed and

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How Not To Encrypt Files With Qt

A recent google search I typed for qt encrypt file led me to Qt wiki only to find how bad encryption can live forever. Let's examine the code there to learn what went wrong. What Is Strong Encryption The first result in my search was of course Simple encryption with SimpleCrypt. Truth must be said they did mention the code described in the page does not offer strong encryption, but they didn't say what strong means in the context, and thus we need to dive in

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Building GCompris-qt on macOS

I recently spent way too much time compiling gcompris-qt on my mac. Eventually it came down to the following steps. Download GCompris-qt source GCompris is on github so the easiest first step is to git clone the repository from your terminal: git clone https://github.com/gcompris/GCompris-qt.git Download and install Qt As the name suggests, GCompris-qt is written in Qt using QML. This makes the games really simple to extend and modify, and was the main reason I got into this from the beginning.

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