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Python Exercises

Most python exercises I found online were either too easy or tested things that were not directly related to python (mostly data structures or algorithms). Neither is a good choice when you're teaching Python courses. This following list has helped me learn and later teach various topics in Python. They focus on the langauge itself and the standard library. Hope you'll find it useful, and feel free to add yours in comments. Basic Syntax Write a program that asks the user for a number (integer only)

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Building GCompris-qt on macOS

I recently spent way too much time compiling gcompris-qt on my mac. Eventually it came down to the following steps. Download GCompris-qt source GCompris is on github so the easiest first step is to git clone the repository from your terminal: git clone https://github.com/gcompris/GCompris-qt.git Download and install Qt As the name suggests, GCompris-qt is written in Qt using QML. This makes the games really simple to extend and modify, and was the main reason I got into this from the beginning.

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Automated Testing Setup Using Capybara and Selenium

So you finally decided you want to add automated tests to your web applications. That's great, because automated tests will increase the quality of your product and hopefully find regressions before your users will. Below is a really simple setup you can start using today on your development machine and improve as your tests grow. The Tools An automated test is a script that will automatically open a browser, perform some tasks in the web page and report a result. My setup uses the following tools:

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6 React Mistakes I Wish I Hadn't Made

About 4 months into developing my second large React app, I'm already starting to see some of the anti patterns I shouldn't have used in development (and will now have a hard time fixing). With the hope that it'll help you avoid those same mistakes, here they are with the means I should have taken to avoid. Code Duplication Code duplication certainly isn't unique to React, and using React should have helped avoid some duplication (And it did. Occasionally). But splitting a real world design into

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