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My Reading List - Dec 2017

Keeping updated on the latest industry trends is an important part of our work. My method is to read new articles briefly as it comes out, and create long readling lists from the ones that look important. I can then read those articles in depth in my own time.

It started as a sole project, then I started emailing them locally to friends, and now that I have this blog it seems right to publish it here as well.

This is my list of the most interesting articles published in November. Hope you'll find it useful. Feel free to respond or add yours in the comments below.

Front End

Version 5.0.0 of Angular Now Available

Lots of new features and few deprecations in this release notes. Digging down I was able to find a more detailed upgrade guide in one of their links.

Performance-tuning a React application

Joshua Comeau wrote a React side project called Tello. As his application grew he tried various techniques to increase performance. This article lists his tried ways and results.

React Bits

Probably the most important post to React developers in this list. It's a long list of patterns and anti patterns with detailed explanation to what works and why. Kinda like a React version of the classic John Papa's Angular style guide.

Advanced CSS-Only Form Styling

If you're still using Bootstrap just to get your forms looking ok, this one's worth a read. It explains CSS attributes relevant to form fields and demonstrates their use with code.

Learn & Understand JavaScript’s Reduce Function

Your monthly reminder to use reduce more often. It really does make nicer code.

Using a React 16 Portal to do something cool

From the post "Portals let you render a bit of React-controlled DOM outside of the parent component". He then moves on to transfer a component state to a new window. Very Cool.

Mobile | Product | Design

Designing Tables to be Read

A long a-list-apart post with tons of tips to designing better (more readable) tables.

9 Principles of Mobile Web Design

Another monthly reminder to keep your mobile app simple and usable. All tips are really on the spot.

Little UI Details

A collection of UI related tweets (images + CSS snippets) by @UX_Grant

Potential Problem with Android Notifications

Neil Mathew noticed his push notifications on Android don't always reach the target. A bit of research led him to find the error in specific Android models.

Code | Architecture | Programming

Most Disliked Programming Languages

Stack Overflow now lets you specify programming langauges you prefer not to work with. Unsurprisingly perl was nominated the most disliked language. For the other stats you'll need to click the link.

REST API Best Practices

A set of pretty ubiquitous rules to help you build and asses REST APIs.

Object models

eevee's latest post about object models covers the object models of 4 programming langauges (Python, Lua, JavaScript and perl5) and draws some interesting conclusions. I found his perl5 part a bit lacking, but the Python part is great.

Solving 24 Puzzle With Elixir

Elixir is by far the coolest language I've met in a long while. This is a previous post I wrote about solving recursive puzzles in it.

Unix | Linux | Open Source | Tools

How Webpack Reached $400k+/year

Interesting Q&A with Sean Larkin from Webpack on how they reached exposure and funding.

How to use cron in Linux

Gimme Gimme Gimme

A man easter egg led to an interesting discussion regarding the connection between man and a past swedish pop group.

Secure Coding

Why <blank> Gets You Root

Probably the most embarrassing bug since Apple's gotofail, and reminds us how important it is to have high quality QA team.

Security Alerts on GitHub

A feature I'm really excited about has landed in Github: They can now tell you when dependencies in your project have pending security updates.

Anti Decompilation Techniques

Hacking Atom with Markdown

XSS are still a major security consideration for most sites, and now with tools like Electron have invaded the desktop as well. Lukas Reschke shows how Atom's markdown parser could be manipulated to perform Remote Code Execution on machines running Atom.

The New DDoS Landscape

Cloudflare noticed a decrease in traditional network based DDoS but an increase in application specific attacks. Stats in the link.

Monthly Fun

Advent of Code 2017

Peter Norwig's Pytudes